75% of life threatening events happen outside the ICU

Our technology offers predictive, proactive, and preventive monitoring in real time and helps save lives.

Introducing CICER

A sophisticated, self-enclosed, real time monitoring device that the patient places on their chest. A ‘Smart-Patch’ that monitors 6 lead ECG, Pulse, Respiration, Posture, Fall, Temperature along with wearables for O2 Saturation and Blood Pressure

The Intelligent Platform


The Cicer smart patch allows patient mobility while offering the comfort of being monitored continuously


Clinical grade data of 6-lead ECG, Respiration, Pulse, Oxygen saturation, Fall, Temperature, Posture detection, with integrated blood pressure

Monitor anywhere, everywhere

The data is transmitted in real time, and can be seen for multiple patients simultaneously at a nursing station, doctors lounge, smartphones, laptops, Tablets or desktops

The Intelligent Platform

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. based analytics decipher the vitals in real time for signs of early deterioration and present them as an easy-to-interpret color coded Early Warning Score (EWS), along with timely alerts to caregivers, aiding in effective clinical decisions. Our Algorithms look for immediate signs as well as longer term subtle changes

Patented Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring system has been patented in India and has been recognized by the International Search Authority to be the world’s first fully wearable and remote multi-parameter monitoring system

The CICER Solution

Monitor Health

Continuously monitor vital signs using a wearable patch.

Receive Alerts

Alert caregivers of adverse events in real time.


AI algorithms identify early warning signs, and predict clinical outcomes.

Instant Report

Instant reporting allows trending analysis, and historical access.

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